Mobimatt Chuka Hostels

Our site is located about 700 Meters from Chuka University at Ndagani. Chuka was a small Town that has grown really fast and is becoming a leading academic town.

There is a very high demand for hostel housing, a huge gap that Mobimatt is determined to provide a solution towards.

SELLING AT KSH. 850,000 (US $8,900)

Our Core Business in Real Estate is the construction and development of modern Student Hostel facilities. Our flagship project is Mobimatt Chuka Hostels and below are the benefits:

  • Each room will earn Ksh. 20,000 monthly income.
  • Mobimatt Project Management Company will deduct 20% (Ksh. 4,000) Management fee and remit the balance (Ksh. 16,000) to a room owner’s bank account.
  • Lease Documents issued for the unit(s) acquired, giving them full ownership of the property.
  • Mobimatt offers the members the units at subsidized rates, creating more value for their investment.
  • Recover your investment amount in about 3 years.
  • Over and above the rental income, Members also enjoy annual dividends. The’re also offered shares in the management company and this places the Members at the most advantageous position.


Verifiable facts about Chuka that makes it such a great place to invest:

  • There is a serious housing crisis.
  • The Slaughter House close to Mobimatt Chuka Hostels renovated some storage rooms into hostels, which is a clear indication of the housing crisis.
  • Chuka University is constructing a Research Center that will be among the biggest in Africa. It will include agricultural and livestock research.
  • The anticipated development Chuka Hospital plaza will increase need for housing.
  • KMTC Chuka, KIM Chuka and other colleges in Chuka continue to grow.
  • Chuka University is among the list of the fastest growing Universities in Kenya.

Real Estate

Construction of Smart Hostels for sale and management, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Investment Projects including Joint Ventures and Land Purchase for value addition.

Private Equity

Investment in Mining activities e.g. Quarry Investments as the initial project. Other promising projects and joint ventures as approved by the Investment Committee from time to time


Providing loans to members will not be our core activity at the early stages, however 10% of your share capital will be invested in loans to members subject to the society’s Loans administration policy.


Investments in Agri business & related activities within the value chain of members Operating in viable and promising Agri business. We will focus on growth through value addition.